They came to see, but Onthe spot they decided to give Advance

It was 7:45 PM, and my brother Avinash called me saying, “someone is waiting outside… go and show the house”.

I immediately went and saw some students coming near to our House. I asked whether you were the one who called my bro.

They said NO. 

I was confused. 

Then I asked them are you looking for the House? They said YES.

As I was thinking then, who called my bro… and I saw 2 other people waiting outside to see the House. When asked, they said we only called.

OK. I told them to wait as other students were seeing the House. 

While waiting in the parking, they saw students interested in the property.

And students need the Ground floor.

Students asked me – Do they also need the Ground floor?

I Said Yes. 

Now the FUN begins…

Both of them like the property, need the Ground floor house itself, saw the other party like it, and only 1 unit is available.

The competition started between them itself.

A student tried to reach their MOM to finalize the property, but unfortunately, they couldn’t reach them ON time.

And students collected my number and told me just let them know before giving it to anyone. I told them I don’t do that. 

Meanwhile, 2 people, while they were ready to give Advance, I got to know they would stay with 3 people in the House, so I said sorry, we don’t give to 3 people.

They are ready to pay higher rent, but I said No. They left with disappointment. 

They didn’t leave there itself…

They called my brother the next day to convince him.. after he said OK, they came back the next day to give Advance.

We now raised the rent and booked the House for them.

Immediately after that, I got a call from the students to book, and I told them sorry, it was already Booked.

Here are the few things it helped to book a house too fast 

1) Scarcity: Only 1 unit was available on the ground floor, but 2 persons were interested simultaneously—this automatically created demand. 

2) Urgency: Both of them know another party has also shown interest in the property, and if they don’t Act immediately, they know they could lose it.

3) Proofs: If I told them someone showed interest in the property, it would be less powerful without valid proof. They saw in front of their eyes. Make sure whatever you say, say it with proof, case studies, stories, and example incidents. 

These are the 3 psychological factors that influenced them to finalize the property almost on the spot. 

Use those 3 factors when required. 

P K Arun

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