Rental Unit repainting task – How to get your life easier

Yesterday, one Tenant vacated our property.

If you manage a rental unit, you may know how time-consuming and headache the process is to get the property ready for the next Tenant.

Not these days for us.

In earlier days, we took many shortcuts to save money on repainting tasks by trying.

using male labour to do painting tasks…

Used not a quality painter to do the painting work…

Using inexperienced labour to clean property (toilet, kitchen, etc.)

Sometimes, even all our family members used to do one task for ourselves.

It’s honestly not a good thing to practice.

But we changed greatly when our rental units increased from 3 to 16.

It’s simply impossible for us to do this work ourselves or take any shortcuts these days.

So we have to look for experienced labour in Painting and Cleaning tasks. 

Thankfully, we have an awesome guy who handles our Repainting and Cleaning tasks.

He is a Painter.

Some painters usually do both Painting and Cleaning Tasks, but they charge a little higher price than what you can get done by general labour.

Currently, at the time of writing (19/12/2023), We are paying our painter ₹2,500 to do the repainting and cleaning task of our 1 BHK unit.

This work involves:

– cleaning property (everything – toilet, kitchen, bedroom, windows, etc.)

– doing repainting task

This doesn’t include

– painting ceiling

– if you use wooden windows, then painting window shutters

If we also need those two things, we must pay him ₹500 extra.

This painter is awesome. He knows his stuff. After using this guy, we are no longer involved in guiding or doing any kind of task. He takes care of everything.

This is what all owners need.

Not something we stay there and guide everything how to clean, what to do and all…

We did that when we tried using inexperienced labourers to do all these tasks. We are happy to pay a little more for the right guy… So we can save our time and headaches handling this stuff.

Honestly, finding such labourers is not easy. If you have one, treat them well so he also feels happy to work with you.

We got this guy when doing painting work in our building through our painting contractor. Out of a few painting labourers, I felt 2 painting labourers were good at work and adjustable to us.

So I secretly asked them if they do repainting tasks and cleaning tasks. Both said yes, and those painters informed me not to tell their contractors.

I said OK.

I saved those painter’s contact numbers on my mobile.

After our construction, when I needed a painter for repainting work, I called a painter near our area and asked him to do the painting and cleaning tasks.

I hired him 2 times for this task and noticed his work. After being happy with the result, I bargained the price and informed him to handle all our repainting task work of our rental units and informed some of my conditions and work I needed him to do.

He agreed.

I call him and bring all the required painting items, and he handles the work.

My dad and I often visit the property and inform him if he misses something, and he promptly handles those…

That’s all.

Having good labourers saves a lot of headaches when cleaning rental units. Hire smart labour to do all these tasks without your involvement.

Pay them well and treat them well.

Our family always feel happy for finding and working with such good labourers.

P K Arun

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